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My name is Gabriele (Gaby) Mark, engineer and technical translator.

I hold a degree in electronics engineering and automation from Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany. I spent many years working for various multi-national companies in a number of different engineering positions.

My professional experience encompasses many areas, from hardware and software development through building automation to networking and internet technologies. As an experienced team and project leader, I have implemented projects for global corporate customers.

I spent many years working in a global environment with English as the primary language; most of my colleagues were based in either the UK or US. Numerous stays abroad also helped me in perfecting my knowledge of English.

In 2011, I decided to say good-bye to the corporate world and fulfill an ambition that I had been harbouring for a long time - namely to combine my technical expertise and love of languages by starting a business as a technical translator. To this end, I took the Chartered Institute of Linguists - Diploma in Translation examination in January 2012.

Interested in my CV? Please feel free to contact me.