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Not to be neglected - Data Protection and Security

Industrial espionage, malware and other attacks on data security are a real threat on the Internet. But other forms of data - either on paper or electronic storage media - also require protection from misuse or loss. This is achieved by a catalogue of countermeasures:
  • All documents which are not currently being dealt with are kept under lock and key.
  • Data storage media and papers which are no longer needed are safely destroyed.
  • The latest security patches are always installed for operating systems as well as application software.
  • All data processing equipment is protected by up-to-date virus protection and firewall software.
  • Sensitive data is stored encrypted.
  • E-mail encryption with either PGP or S/MIME is supported.
  • Regular backups are performed to safeguard against loss of data.

I adhere to the recommendations issued by the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI). For further detail please refer to the web pages of the BSI.