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professional technical translations

Quality translations

Have you come across this as well - technical documents that were only comprehensible if translated back into the source language? Or else the meaning can be understood, but the terminology is just not right? Technical documents also deserve to be treated with respect - that is they need to be accurate and make sense without guesswork. This is even more important with for customer-facing documents - be it marketing flyers, bid documents or web sites.

The high quality standards that I set for my work are safeguarded by the following measures:
  • I only translate what I understand - that is I stick to my areas of expertise.
  • Consistency regarding terminology is achieved by using translation memory systems.
  • Spelling and syntax checking tools are employed as a matter of course.
  • Every document is proofread carefully.
  • There is no 'guessing' the intended meaning - what cannot be clarified by thorough research is checked with the customer.

Please keep in mind - the quality of your translated documents can be a deciding factor for the perceived image of your company!