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Technical Translation Agency

Professional translations for the technical sector

How do you get your technical documents translated?

There are different approaches to this.

You can engage a translation agency. If, however, they are not qualified in the field, then there is often a lack of technical background knowledge required to understand the source text. Also, the terminology to get the information across to the target audience may be missing. This often leads to the need for a specialist to review and correct the translation.

Therefore, the translation is often left to an engineer, technician or IT specialist.

Although the specialist has the necessary technical knowledge and understands the context of what is being translated, lack of experience in translation tasks makes the work time-consuming and not exactly cost-effective.

The idea behind - the engineer's translation agency:
Technical translations - by an engineer - for engineers!

  • Translations which don't require extensive proofreading
  • Because the technical content is rendered correctly using the appropriate terminology
  • Because the translation is syntactically sound and free of grammatical or spelling errors

Don't waste money on double effort - and don't burden your technical specialists with work not related to their field!